Episode 61: Political Historian Louisa Thomas

Former Grantland Editor and Historian Louisa Thomas

Louisa Thomas - Political Historian Author Bio PicSummary: Historian Louisa Thomas joins Joe Flood to talk about her new book, Louisa, on the life of Louisa Catherine Adams, wife of president John Quincy Adams.  A woman both ahead, and very much of, her times, Louisa is a fascinating history that deals with thoroughly modern issues like race, electoral posturing, and women’s roles in politics. A former Grantland editor, tennis writer, and author of the book Conscience, about World War I and it’s impact on her great grandfather, Socialist presidential candidate Norman Thomas, Louisa Thomas talks about the forces that shaped America’s early political history and their implications for today’s political climate.

Louisa’s Penguin author page: thepenguinpress.com/authorbio/louisa-thomas


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