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  • Episode 69: Professor Jim Liew on Momentum Investing

    Jim Liew, assistant professor of finance at Johns Hopkins Carey Business School

    aaeaaqaaaaaaaal7aaaajdy5njcyzta2lwmzztmtngu3ni04zmzklwuwzdnjyzg4zjezmgSummary: Guest host Dan Rasmussen talks to Professor Jim Liew about momentum investing and crowd sentiment on the podcast. Professor Liew discusses this strategy — both the academic side and its relevance for asset management.

  • Episode 68: Open Energy’s Michael Blomquist on the Future of Solar

    Michael Blomquist, COO of Open Energy

    Summary: Guest host Lindsay Elliott sits down with Michael Blomquist, COO of Open Energy, a company driving capital to meet the challenges of growing commercial and industrial solar in the United States. Positioned as a expert broker between institutional investors and solar project developers, Blomquist and Open Energy have a unique perspective on the solar industry and trends within the energy industry at large. This wide-ranging conversation explores the investment opportunities in solar today, the role that capital allocation plays in growing the industry, and the role solar has to play in the future of renewable energy, carbon reduction, and the long-term effort to adjust to an uncertain environmental future.

  • Episode 67: Traffic Engineering and the Math of Moving People

    Jagan Kaja, traffic engineer at WSP | Parsons Brinckerhoff

    Summary: Former producer and friend of the show Quint Gribbin sits down with Jagan Kaja, a traffic engineer at WSP | Parsons Brinckerhoff, to talk about the complex problems facing our current traffic infrastructure. There’s a gap between mathematically optimal traffic patterns and the unpredictable nature of human behavior. What are traffic engineers doing to solve these problems, and what will the future of transportation look like?

  • Episode 66: The Chloe Zhao Interview (Re-Air)

    Summary: The critically acclaimed, Sundance- and Cannes-screened film Songs My Brothers Taught Me just hit Netflix, so we’re revisiting our interview with director Chloe Zhao. When she sat down with Joe, they talked about making independent movies, entrepreneurship, and the beauty of the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.

  • Ep 65: Splunk’s CTO Unlocks Career Path

    Snehal Antani, CTO of Splunk

    Snehal 1Summary: As CTO of Splunk, Snehal Antani leads the technology vision for the innovative, high-growth technology company that enables IT operations, cyber analysts, and business analytics professionals to collect, index, sort, and analyze machine data. In this episode, Snehal explains how every time he has made a career move, people have told him he’s crazy. For example, in the middle of the year 2000 tech bubble, he chose to work for IBM in Poughkeepsie over Silicon Valley. Then he jumped from a software development role to product management and business development. Later, he left IBM for GE Capital. Recently, he left GE for the CTO role at Splunk. When he sat down with Renny McPherson, he shared his theory of apprenticeship and how it has allowed him to grow as a leader and keep moving in directions that look impossible to others.

  • Ep 64: Pine Ridge Reservation Entrepreneur

    Joe talks to Bailey Clifford, a budding but stymied entrepreneur on the Pine Ridge reservation.

  • Ep 63: New Orleans Street Artist Entrepreneurs



    Joe Flood brings the recording gear on a trip to New Orleans to talk to French Quarter street artists and performers.

    He starts with his old friend and former teaching colleague, Jenelle Campion to talk about how Jackson Square artists work together to bring their individual artwork to life, to fellow painter Morghan Brookens about bringing New Orleans’ musical history to bear on her work, and caricaturist and puppeteer Andrew Wilkie about…a bunch of things.

  • Episode 62: Battlefields of War and Markets

    Portfolio Manager, Author, Marine Vet: Dr. Wesley Gray

    Summary: Before launching his asset management firm Alpha Architect, Dr. Wesley Gray served as a Marine Corps officer in Iraq. Already a student of economics at the time he joined the Marine Corps after graduating from Penn’s prestigious Wharton undergraduate program, he found that his military experience gave him insights into the nature of people and financial markets alike. Now an acclaimed author and portfolio manager who received a doctorate in finance from University of Chicago, Wesley shares (more…)

  • Episode 61: Political Historian Louisa Thomas

    Former Grantland Editor and Historian Louisa Thomas

    Louisa Thomas - Political Historian Author Bio PicSummary: Historian Louisa Thomas joins Joe Flood to talk about her new book, Louisa, on the life of Louisa Catherine Adams, wife of president John Quincy Adams.  A woman both ahead, and very much of, her times, Louisa is a fascinating history that deals with thoroughly modern issues like race, electoral posturing, and women’s roles in politics. A former Grantland editor, tennis writer, and author of the book Conscience, about World War I and it’s impact on her great grandfather, Socialist presidential candidate Norman Thomas, (more…)

  • Episode 60: Changing How Health Care is Provided

    Todd Johnson, CEO of HealthLoop

    Todd Johnson - CEO of Healthloop - Bio PicSummary: HealthLoop, a rapidly scaling automated patient engagement solution, is a pioneer in the changing paradigm of how health care can be provided. Todd Johnson, a successful health care tech entrepreneur, talks about the company, its important mission, and their business model. The brainchild of a (more…)

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