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Entrepreneurs in the Midst:
Stories from Founders, Creators, and Builders

“Everyone who plans to start a business should read this first.”
—Frank Bonsal, co-founder, New Enterprise Associates (NEA)

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  • Episode 68: Open Energy’s Michael Blomquist on the Future of Solar

    Michael Blomquist, COO of Open Energy

    Summary: Guest host Lindsay Elliott sits down with Michael Blomquist, COO of Open Energy, a company driving capital to meet the challenges of growing commercial and industrial solar in the United States. Positioned as a expert broker between institutional investors and solar project developers, Blomquist and Open Energy have a unique perspective on the solar industry and trends within the energy industry at large. This wide-ranging conversation explores the investment opportunities in solar today, the role that capital allocation plays in growing the industry, and the role solar has to play in the future of renewable energy, carbon reduction, and the long-term effort to adjust to an uncertain environmental future.


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